From Ryerson to the Honda Research Institute: A year as a Software Developer in Japan

By Adam Adair, Undergraduate student in Computer Science, Faculty of Science

I recently began a 12-month position as a Software Developer at the Honda Research Institute in Wako, Japan. The placement is part of the Canada-Japan Co-op program (CJCP), which is hosted in collaboration with the University of British Columbia.

Last semester, while job searching, I was extremely excited to see a posting for the Canada-Japan Co-op program . I believe that an international co-op is an excellent opportunity and Japan is an ideal destination for me personally. Since I am half Japanese, I have always wanted to visit Japan and explore that part of my heritage in order to better understand that side of my background and culture. However, until I received this great opportunity, it has always been financially infeasible.

In addition to my many personal interests in Japan and its rich culture, I also see this opportunity as an incredible way to gain valuable work experience in my field. Since I am a Computer Science student, having the chance to work as a Software Developer for Honda, such a well-known company, in Japan, such a technologically advanced country, is a once in a lifetime opportunity .

Pre Departure Training – May 8th to May 11th 2017

From May 8th to May 11th 2017, I attended a pre-departure training week in Vancouver B.C for my upcoming year of co-op in Japan. The training took place at the University of British Columbia. On the first day of training, we were introduced to two alumni of the CJCP, Ryan and Louisa, who were our facilitators for the week. We started off with some ice breakers to get to know the other roughly 50 students who were a part of the program.

Throughout the week we had many presentations by alumni and special guests with experience in Japan. They talked about their adventures and gave us the opportunity to ask questions. In addition to this, we had one language course per day and went over various health and safety protocols. We also learned about Japanese culture and had the opportunity to try calligraphy and try on traditional Japanese clothes.

Stay tuned on the Ryerson International Blog for more on my co-op experience in Japan!


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